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Post by Tony on Fri May 03, 2013 6:35 pm

Manpower & Reinforcements
Each side will have 100,000K manpower. With each death, the faction that lost a soldier will receive a penalty of losing 20 manpower. So, the more you die, the more manpower you will lose, and if it's depleted the war is over. This is why you have to be smart, and the field officers/SqLs will need IRL tactical overlay and skills to win this. In each battle, max 6 people can "die" on one side. Make sure to take the wounded to safety, or they will be PKed. This affects both sides. I want proper Medical, painRP, and fearRP. Each squad will have an SqL or Field Officer, just like now, there will be Lieutenants on the resistance side responsible for a sector, keeping constant radio contact, and protecting the main HQ. The OTA will have several SqLs dispatch, and I warn you.....

There will be special units that will affect manpower differently. This is what I was thinking of. With each dying, manpower will decrease.

  • Combine Civil Authority 05-01 | -10 Manpower
  • Combine Civil Authority EpU | -30 Manpower
  • Combine Civil Authority OfC | -50 Manpower
  • Combine Civil Authority DvL | -5,000 Manpower
  • Combine Civil Authority SeC | Fatal loss -20,000 Manpower
  • City Administrator | -10,000 Manpower

The Overwatch Transhuman Arm of C45 + OL

  • Overwatch Soldier | -20 Manpower
  • Overwatch SqL | -100
  • Elite overwatch soldier | -400 Manpower loss.
  • Strider | -50 Manpower
  • Gunship | -40 Manpower
  • Helicopter | -100 Manpower

The Earth Resistance Force | Lambda Movement

  • Refugee | -10 Manpower
  • Soldier | -20 Manpower
  • Field Medic | -30 Manpower
  • Field Officer | -80 Manpower
  • Field Lieutenant | -300 Manpower
  • Major | -5000 Manpower
  • Colonel | -10,000 Manpower
  • General | Decapacitated leadership -50,000 Manpower
  • Vortigaunts | -100 Manpower

As you can see, manpower system will be very strict. This is to prevent people from dashing allover the place, and rushing around like idiots. If you won't be careful, then you will cause a great loss to your faction. So I suggest acting smart instead. For example, if serpent begins to charge around and gets mortally wounded (Disabled) then he made the resistance lose the war almost.

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Manpower guide Empty Re: Manpower guide

Post by TearofGrace on Sun May 05, 2013 1:38 pm

This sounds like a system that will be beneficial and at the same time disabling. Often you'll have people of higher status that may get bored and decide to, rather intelligently and rashly, go out on patrol on their own.

This would lead to a definite IC death, but due to this system it may cause a lot of whining in attempts to get out of it, which would all be false of course. This would mean that the RP would be severely hindered if admins are not on at all times to overview it.

At the same time this could mean that factions could be killed out almost ENTIRELY, making them have to take a fall and be out of the picture for a bit. If the Lambda lost their leadership, they'd have to retreat, most members would disband, ETC. It sounds like a grand experience.


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