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Post by Cat Litterer on Fri May 03, 2013 10:31 am

  1. Do not metagame (Using Out-Of-Character information In-Character)
  2. Respect other players in Out Of Character
  3. Racism, nazism and the like is not allowed in Out Of Character. It is, however, allowed In Character
  4. Do not Random DeathMatch (Randomly killing someone without any IC reason or proper roleplay)
  5. Only one faction side per player (You may only have characters on the combine side, or the resistance side. But never both.)
  6. No mingepunching (Randomly punching another player without RP or IC reason)
  7. No mingegrabbing (Taking items with absolutely no RP)
  8. No propkilling (Using the pe flags you have been granted to- in any form- harm other players on the server)
  9. No spamming in any form (Props, chat, shooting, etc)
  10. Hoarding loot is forbidden

Remember, these are not all rules and they are subject to change. There are several unwritten rules. If you are unsure, contact an admin or a server regular.

Server rules 2J6yl
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