Shadow Nova Unit Transfer App.

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Shadow Nova Unit Transfer App. Empty Shadow Nova Unit Transfer App.

Post by Shadow Nova on Sat May 04, 2013 7:31 am

Steam Name: Shadow Nova

The server you wish to transfer your character from: ApexGamingRP
Link to the community :

How would you like to transfer your character? WITH or WITHOUT his/her inventory?: I would like to Transfer my CCA-R Unit without equpment, since I could re-supply it from Armory vendors

Picture of your character [If available]: N/A (since I didn't expected Apex Falling >-<)
Picture of your character's inventory N/A [IF available]:
The rank of your character: 01

Proof that it's your character and your inventory was earned with hard work: -

Do you understand, that we ever find out you faked and/or asspulled your character and/or his/her items, your character will be PKed, your will be black-listed from all factions for two months and will be heavily watched by the staff. Yes,I understood it clearly.

Why is it important to you to have THIS exact character instead of creating a new one: Because I would like to RP with him, and I dont want to lose him, since we have completed many obsticalse before. Plus, I don't want to lose my rank.

Give us a detailed description about what your unit was/is like: 719 had Oddly glowing Green lences, Radio on his shoulder, Wrist PDA,Dirty Maskplate with some burns, Medium Kevlar with some burns, Stunstick on Belt, Pistol in holster, Mp7 Slug on his back, G and 01 Armband, Mask Binoculars. Before he was promoted to 01, he was merciful and emotional, sometimes he was taken aback in some situations, but he would react quickly.

Give us your unit's background story, so we know how did he ended up in all this mess:Back in City 45, He was in Judge division as five. Re-located to City 18 and was put in division G. Surived Fire in Aparatments 45'. Slowly gained promotions and was promoted to 02 in City 18. Mass-relocation again to City 8. Lately promoted to 01. Sectorial of City 8 ordered him to take part in Outlands mission, but Dropship was taken down and the link with Dispatch was cuted off.

Type of unit? Rogue or Loyal: Loyal all the way.

Anyone to prove that you indeed had this character and these items?:N/A

You accept that, regardless of importance He/she will be PKed if he/she ICly dies, just like everybody else [OTA not included]:Indeed I accept that all the way.
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Shadow Nova Unit Transfer App. Empty Re: Shadow Nova Unit Transfer App.

Post by Cat Litterer on Sat May 04, 2013 6:32 pm


Shadow Nova Unit Transfer App. 2J6yl
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