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Post by Zomblez on Sat May 04, 2013 9:50 am

Steam Name: [-AG-] Gandalf of Cats (Previously Zombles4cookies)
Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:53117554

Your character's Name: Jenny 'Forest' Lotts
Your character's Gender: Female

How long have you been part of the official Lambda Movement?: Oh lord... I have been with Lambda since medium-late City 45. Ever since the mass uprising where Lambda fled to Outlands. I was involved in the official movement since the mass uprising against Heinz Schmidt.

Were you a semi-member or an officially recruited Lambda personnel?: I was officially recruited by Harold 'Geox' Schmidt and Kasumi 'Zero' (Forgot her surname). I was recruited along with Nathanial 'Sentinel' Dwight.

Do you realize the fact that I am the Lambda Movement's general, therefore I easily notice if you lie?: I realise that easily, Serpent is the general and shouldn't be lied to in the first place.

Do you wish to transfer your character WITH or WITHOUT his/her inventory?: I wish to transfer Forest with her inventory. Which consisted of an AR2 + Two ammo kits loaded in, a .357, a radio, and two zipties. [ICly I always had a crowbar on me and one of the ex-blackhawk suits, but I can leave that out]

Do you understand that you are not a terminator? Regardless of who you are, you must RP hunger, thirst, fear, cold, tiredom and so on, just like everybody else?: Of course, I roleplayed for a month or so in Outlands and had to roleplay those facts. It is not easy surviving the cold and I can painRP easily. I always have and continue to roleplay eating, thirst, and having to scavenge. I have roleplayed fear especially in Outlands, where hunters roamed and my character was terrified. I could and still can roleplay with cold or heat.

Do you understand that if your character is killed in any form of IC action, then he/she will be permanently-killed (Charbanned) regardless of how important he/she was?: If you're stupid enough to get yourself killed or splinter off from your group, then you deserve to get perma-killed no matter a Colonel, or just a regular soldier. You must always be cautious and I believe that I can keep my character alive, and if not then I have to accept my death.

You promise that you won't rage if you are ICly killed? If you do so, then we reserve all rights to punish you in-case you fail to accept your IC death: Of course, unless the death is seriously metagame then I won't rage. I have gone with my previous character 'Shimmer's death instead of complaining. I am (Unlike previously in ApexGaming) now able to accept that if a character dies, he/she is dead and cannot come back. Of course I will not rage, and of course I will accept punishment.

What is your rebel specialized in? Medical, Engineering or Infantry?: Back in City 45, Forest enlisted for Infantry. She specialised in scout and infantry and was even going to be trained by Serena 'Ghost' in crossbow training (Until Serena unfortunately died). She often offered to go out and scavenge a lot and defended the base as Infantry.

Was he/she part of the MAIN Lambda, or outpost One?: Originally MAIN Lambda, when there was only one part. She stayed with main Lambda and during City 8 Forest was assigned to Outpost One with Meatloaf.

You accept the fact that 'Serpent' is your General and you are to follow all his orders unless you want to get in to trouble: Of course, in my months of Lambda I have never gone against Serpent and will not ever.

Anyone to prove that you had this character and these items?: Well, I have a few people. Meatloaf (Gave me the AR2), Smee (Gave me the radio), Geox, Meatloaf, Smee (Saw me retrieve a .357 off a dead possible spy.) and Sodah (Gave me the two zipties as business).

Proof of your inventory:

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Zomblez's Resistance Transfer Empty Re: Zomblez's Resistance Transfer

Post by Cat Litterer on Sat May 04, 2013 9:09 pm


Zomblez's Resistance Transfer 2J6yl
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