MightyKebab's Resistance Transfer Application.

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MightyKebab's Resistance Transfer Application. Empty MightyKebab's Resistance Transfer Application.

Post by MightyKebab on Sat May 04, 2013 10:42 am

Steam Name: MightyKebab
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:30132309

Your character's Name: Emir Berkai 'Turk' Ayhanoglu
Your character's Gender: Male

How long have you been part of the official Lambda Movement?: To put it in an OOC way, I've been a part of the Lambda moevment since the last days of City 45. I've been surviving with my main character ever since until the City 18 Change incident. A few weeks later after that, my escapee character was recruited by Harlow 'Shimmer' Lotts (Zombles) the fact that I didn't have any proper contacts or anyone who would like to even RP with an armed citizen in D6 forced me to join Station 1. After it's destruction, I was (Don'T know if it's true) yet again transferred to Lambda as a whole with the current living cast.

Were you a semi-member or an officially recruited Lambda personnel?: Officially recruited as my first character, Officially recruited (by Zombles) as my current for Station 1. First one was recruited before the C45 Uprising, to help in it. Second one was recruited in City 8, after a week of it's establishment on AG

Do you realize the fact that I am the Lambda Movement's general, therefore I easily notice if you lie?: Yes. Although I never fucked up if rarely, serpent is a man with contacts and may easily know a small percent of my past.

Do you wish to transfer your character WITH or WITHOUT his/her inventory?: With his inventory. Emir has been a very important character to me since Sentinel's death, and I've gone through too much to just let him go and 'void' all I've lived with in AG. The current equipment I have are: MP7, 9mm Pistol, Flashlight, Radio, Medkit, Steroids, Bandage, Bag, Backpack, and a few clips for 9mm and MP7, and two zipties.

Do you understand that you are not a terminator? Regardless of who you are, you must RP hunger, thirst, fear, cold, tiredom and so on, just like everybody else?: Yes Indeed. My character is no diffrent than anyone else, a citizen trying to survive with the only diffrence being that he is commanded by someone and he is armed to teeth. If not teeth well, just as well armed as a CP.

Do you understand that if your character is killed in any form of IC action, then he/she will be permanently-killed (Charbanned) regardless of how important he/she was?: I can take such consequences as it had happened to me before. It might be saddening, but it's how life goes. And I believe it is fair. Even if Serpent had died I would be happy only because he wasnt given any privilege like Geox. (P.S Tony, that's the main reason you triggered me to call you a dictator back in AG. Revival of Geox.)

You promise that you won't rage if you are ICly killed? If you do so, then we reserve all rights to punish you in-case you fail to accept your IC death: I always accept my IC death, as long as it is legitimately done and witnessed by myself.

What is your rebel specialized in? Medical, Engineering or Infantry?: He is and has been specialized in Medical Division. He is currently one of the only medics actually doing his job in the Lambda, while most other remmants are Veterans IC.

Was he/she part of the MAIN Lambda, or outpost One?: Outpost One. He was however, later commanded by a Main Lambda's Major.

You accept the fact that 'Serpent' is your General and you are to follow all his orders unless you want to get in to trouble: Yes. I've already done that before and I wish to continue to do so as I believe that the resistance in this community and AG was the best rebelRP experience I've ever had.

Anyone to prove that you had this character and these items?: There are quite a few people. Forest (Zombles) witnessed me using my medkit and other supplies and saw me pick up a pistol from an RP situtation he created himself while in Observer. Razor (Geox) witnessed me buying an MP7 from him, Flashlight was bought when my character still had a citizen status. My Uniform was crafted by me ICly while Meatloaf, Stinger and Zombles witnessed it. My radio was given me also by a vendor back in the first days of City 8. I don't remember anything else.

Proof of your inventory: I have no idea what proof I may show at the moment, but once AG is back I may go on it sometime and screen my inventory.

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MightyKebab's Resistance Transfer Application. Empty Re: MightyKebab's Resistance Transfer Application.

Post by Tony on Sat May 04, 2013 3:45 pm


I RPed with you plenty of times, I know it that you are a good Rebel, welcome back to the Lambda bro.

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