Back-story of Wolf, Rak and Vek

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Back-story of Wolf, Rak and Vek Empty Back-story of Wolf, Rak and Vek

Post by Válen thé Wólfen on Sat May 04, 2013 10:58 am

These are my main three or two now since one became more than it was designed for and became part the AG's Lambda movement. Anyway I will post their backstory along with music and pictures at a later date when I feel like writing but at the moment I am just awake and not in the mood to do so.

(Short bits)
Wolf - Heh.. anyone who knew Wolf in AG... well you know what he was like... crazy sob... you will find out more about his personality ingame (If I bring him here and if he is allowed) or from his backstory.

Rak - Respected and respectful to those who show they deserve it. He is one of the few Elders remaining on earth and is not at his most powerful yet weaken by aspects only found out ICly. Wolf and Rak are connected in a many only explainable (Only way to find out is ingame if Rak is also brought into LO and is allowed) only a few people know how and why. Hell I think only one knows because they were there when it happened.

Vek - Well.. am sure many from AG know him if they were resistance.. Me and Tony certainly laughed at his "evolution" (After his time as what I designed him for then he became more and was integrated into the Lambda early movement). Very respectful to and now a very good trader in the black-markets.

Each of these three became things I never intended and grew so big they all became my main characters as I designed them for completely other objectives.

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