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Rand "Omega" Eastlake Empty Rand "Omega" Eastlake

Post by gin on Sat May 04, 2013 4:44 pm

Steam Name: [-AG-]Marlon - Tunnel Snake
Steam ID: Later

Your character's name: Rand Eastlake, codename "Omega."
Your character's gender: Male
What is your character? A refugee trying to survive, an anti-citizen fighting, a loyalist or anything else?: An anti-citizen with a strong dislike for the Combine, especially the CPA.

Do you understand that nobody knows how to use a weapon by default, so if your character is just an ordinary man/woman, then he/she may NOT use fire-arms unless taught: I know this - my character has legit experience which I will post in my backstory.

Do you understand that you are not a superman? You are an ordinary man/woman, trying to survive in this giant warzone. You are to RP Fear, Pain, Hunger, thirst, cold, tiredom and so forth, just like everybody else: Obviously. Food and water will be of great value in the current situation. I will scavenge for both and try to find a shelter as well when Rand arrives on the server.

Why do you wish to have THIS exact character instead of creating a new one?: Rand wasn't one of my most worked our characters yet, but I have great plans for him. His physical handicap (he's mute) can make for some interesting roleplay experiences.
Do you wish to transfer this character WITH or WITHOUT his/her inventory?: Due to his fortified position the Combine spend little thought on his group, the Bakinators. They managed to escape with a decent amount of supplies and weaponry.
Picture of your character [If available]: -

Picture of your inventory [If available]: -

Your character's background story: Haven't quite worked this out perfectly yet, but here's the summary.

Rand grew up in the slopes of an unspecified city, on the outskirts of the great City 8. Due to a fire accident in his youth that killed his parents, he lost the ability to use his voice properly (he still can, but it causes him great pain) He was taken under the wing of a mysterious old man who named himself "Eagle". He claimed to be part of some sort of special tactic force before the way, but he didn't tell Rand any details about it.
Thanks to Eagle's lessons, Rand managed to develop his stealth skills beyond that of a regular person. He learned to pickpocket subtely, use the shadows to his advantage and muffle his footsteps. Eagle taught Rand what he knew about weaponry, especially long-ranged rifles which can be used to pick off targets from a distance.
However, his only contact in his youth was Eagle, and thus Rand never really met any new people and his social skills are below average. He didn't mind at first, really, seeing how he coudn't talk in the first place. Years later, after Eagle passed away, Rand moved away from his birth city and into City 8. Here he wondered how he would survive. Not being able to talk is a violation the Combine kill off peopel for. He made his way to the forbidden area, D6, with help of his guile and stealth. He stayed at the Mall for a while, until he saw shadows move downstairs...

Anyone to prove that you indeed had these characters and these items?: Sodah. He made/sold me them himself.


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Rand "Omega" Eastlake Empty Re: Rand "Omega" Eastlake

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