538's Transfer Application.

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538's Transfer Application. Empty 538's Transfer Application.

Post by Blackgeox on Sat May 04, 2013 8:55 pm

Steam Name: Geox
SteamID: [Later]

The server you wish to transfer your character from: ApexGamingRP
Link to the community: http://apexgamingrp.com/index.php

How would you like to transfer your character? WITH or WITHOUT his/her inventory?: Without

Picture of your character [If available]: -
Picture of your character's inventory [IF available]: -
The rank of your character: High Sector Command [Divisional Leader]

Proof that it's your character and your inventory was earned with hard work: I cannot provie proof but I can list people which knew that I worked hard for my rank. Such people are Tony [Maybe], Marlon, Zomblez, MightyKebab. I was having a long experience of 3 months. As I finally earned my DvL rank by Tony. The DvL was off-line most times so i was tkaing control. After that I was put back to OfC and then I became the HsC once again since the HsC was afk again. I did all i could for my division to train them regulary and show activity. I also tried to provide modiefied good roleplay.

Do you understand, that we ever find out you faked and/or asspulled your character and/or his/her items, your character will be PKed, your will be black-listed from all factions for two months and will be heavily watched by the staff: Yes. I know the staff isn't stupid and lieng isn't the way to recieve your things anyway.

Why is it important to you to have THIS exact character instead of creating a new one: I developed 538 very hard. I had him a long time and provided a long backstory for him, also mental and physical attributes were developed on the time. I had great reputation and respect which i don't want to loose. He was even one of my main characters of passiveRP.

Give us a detailed description about what your unit was/is like: | Tall | Male Vo-Coder | Blue shoulder-pats | Elite gasmask | G armband | HsC armband | Olive green pants | Heavy Kevlar | Several grenades clipped | SPAZ-12 slinged on his back | 357. on his belt | Radio on his belt | Stunstick on his belt |

Give us your unit's background story, so we know how did he ended up in all this mess: 538 was training his units like usual. He was at the end of the day assembling all hi s units for a march. A explosion is heard. Smoke goes to the sky. People start to fire their firearms at the units. And the units vice-versa on the anti-citizens. As the situation escalated was 538 seeing the only last resort. The mortar. He went up with 2 other units to the Ground HQ to enable the mortar. After three minutes controlling the mortar the rebels began to focus on the mortar. They threw a gernade above the barricade. 538 was sitting right above the grenade. He tries to escape int he last moment... but it was too late. He ended up wounded without his mask and kevlar taken off on a big piece of debris. Now 538 has to make his way trough the dangers the uprising has to offer.

Type of unit? Rogue or Loyal: Loyal

Anyone to prove that you indeed had this character and these items?: Zomblez, Marlon, Simzo, Tony maybe and Mightykebab.

You accept that, regardless of importance He/she will be PKed if he/she ICly dies, just like everybody else [OTA not included]: Yes. That is one of the main systems. I can take that unless it was really unfair. If I am forced to stop complaining I stop. Or I could face punishment for bringing the arguement up and up again.


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538's Transfer Application. Empty Re: 538's Transfer Application.

Post by Cat Litterer on Sat May 04, 2013 9:07 pm

You already have a Lambda Movement character.

538's Transfer Application. 2J6yl
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