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Cat's guide for the new to CoastRP Empty Cat's guide for the new to CoastRP

Post by Cat Litterer on Sun May 05, 2013 11:35 am

Hello and welcome to my fine guide. I want you to keep in mind that I have not been a new RPer for a long while but I am trying to cover all the important things in the guide. If you notice anything that needs to be added send me a PM over here or contact me through the server, my Steam name is the same as my forum name.
I am planning to add pictures and make this thing look better later, but right now I am just making sure I get everything necessary.

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Creating a character
  • Welcome to the coast
  • Factions


Welcome to Lamda Operations RP! The [s]worst[/s] best community ever! Now, I know you are eager to build, shoot a CP, become a CP, /votecp, or whatever. It all depends where you are from and what you expect, but sadly I will have to inform it you that this is not how it will work.
As you might already know, the server runs Clockwork which is made by Cloudsixteen. The same team who made OpenAura, Nexus and other Roleplay modifications to Garry's Mod. All of them are more or less serious roleplay. The famous Cider runs on their framework OpenAura.

HL2RP - Half Life 2 RolePlay is set in the universe of Half Life 2, what a suprise, isn't it? It is not during the time in the game where you play. When the player enters the universe the combine have been opressing the human race for years, and almost immediately is the time when the human race is rising against and fighting off the combine, and conquering the combine seat on the Earth.
Right now, the humans are opressed. They live in a world where they don't get much food, they are sterile, and people keep dying left and right. They are depressed, due to the lack of food they are malnourished, leading to low if any muscle build. Their spirit is lowered due to sterilization. However, you, and other citizens, have fought against the combine and are now living on the coast, where you are free. But still not properly fed.

Your role in this whole mess as you start, is being a refugee. Just a previous citizen, free from the iron fist of the combine. What happens with your character next depends on your actions. But first, you will have to actually create one.

Creating a character
When creating a character you will have a few things to think of. First off, the dreaded question in Roleplay and Roleplay Games, your name. Some people will take hours to think of one, but you might get lucky and find a good name right off the bat.
When you've chosen your name you will choose your gender. Of course your name should fit your gender, otherwise it'd be confusing. Each gender comes with several different models, choose the one that fits your character most.
Choosing your physical description is usually pretty easy. This describes how your character looks and not what your character likes or thinks. You put in basic information in your description. Either you put the information in a compressed format, for example
Tall|Smelly|Scar over eye|Black hair|Old
Or you put it in a more casual or easier on the eyes format, which is just one or few sentences.
A tall old man with black hair. He has a scar over his right eye and he smells horrible
Keep in mind there is a character limit, so your description is not infinite. The game mode will not alert you when you've hit it.
When choosing your attributes think of what your character has done in his previous life, if not, think of what you want do accomplish with it. Be it running from the combine, or walking around and helping? You have a limited amount of points to start with that you can place on any attributes, but as you play they develop. When doing things you get better at them and your attributes increase. This is done automatically, and by doing the same thing over and over again, expecting shit to change will not last in the long run. An admin will notice you and you will lose the character you've spent hours to figure out a name for.

Welcome to the coast
After loading in your character onto the server you will find yourself on the coast. The land of the free. However, it is a dangerous land, and every error is a fatal one. There are several things you need to be aware of to survive on the coast, sadly, most is to be discovered In-Character.
To survive on the coast you need guns, weapons, food, and other general supplies. These are acquired by scavenging. The scavenging guide is available here (link placeholder).

On the coast there are several factions to know about. Firstly, there's you. The Anti-Citizen, refugee or whatever you want to call yourself. You came from the city or have been living on the coast for a while, putting up with it's harsh environment. You're mainly trying to avoid getting into conflict with other refugees, the Lambda Movement or the CMD.
The Lambda Movement is a rebel group led by the 'anti-citizen one' Serpent. These people are refugees with combat training, weapons and armor. Only the finest role players get into this faction as it's recruitment is done in character.
The CMD, the Combine Military Division. Is the combine's group of super soldiers. The soldiers are made from humans who were captured during the 7-hour war and after, who fit as soldiers more than stalkers. As a refugee you know that these are vital to avoid, and they scare you greatly. These super soldiers may kill you without thinking of it.
The antlions poses one of the biggest natural threats on the coast. Hidden in the sand and caves, you don't know they're there until it is too late. It is possible to avoid stirring up the antlion hive, though. You do this by treading carefully and not making any sound or vibrations in the ground. Avoiding sand is the best advice not to get molested by them.

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Cat's guide for the new to CoastRP Empty Re: Cat's guide for the new to CoastRP

Post by Theoeatingfolk on Sun May 05, 2013 9:57 pm

Great job, otto! Should it not be /meing and stuff however, and how to RP coast?


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