Simon 'Private' Davis' Application

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Simon 'Private' Davis' Application Empty Simon 'Private' Davis' Application

Post by Smee on Sun May 05, 2013 8:48 pm

Steam Name: Smee
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:28604652

Your character's Name: Simon 'Private' Davis
Your character's Gender: Male

How long have you been part of the official Lambda Movement?: Private has been with the lambada movement since the beginning of the outlands server and has developed a lot from them events, he has made good relationships and has an amazing story line and has been apart in a lot of major events in Apexgamingrp. Not only is Private a role model to a lot of Rebels but has experience and skills trained in the field and years of experimenting, recently he has handled major stuff in the outpast at City 8 also has guided armies of men to victory.

He always wants has a mind and isn't some soldier running in there and shooting all the OTA with his 9mm, he plans, formats then proceeds with RP that is true to real life and isn't realistic. I personally In real life see private as a guy who has his own personality and in no way effected from me, I just go into her personality and think like him to answer the questions.

Were you a semi-member or an officially recruited Lambda personnel?:
I was recruited by Serpent himself in the outlands and was trained with my fellow friend Meatloaf who has in fact worked together since the outlands and have both advanced the same from a recruit to a fully manned up soldier. He then moved to City 11 with serpent and helped him plan the siege against the Nexus and City 11 its self after then being deployed in City 8 with meatloaf to help out the people there as they were not doing so good.

Do you realize the fact that I am the Lambda Movement's general, therefore I easily notice if you lie?: Yes.

Do you wish to transfer your character WITH or WITHOUT his/her inventory?: With would be great as he has some gels [IC] that he experimented that could effect their chances here. And I do have a shotgun, magnum, Ammo, 4 medkits.


*Radio flickers in*

Serpent? this is Private, I errr, well....a lot of stuff has happened. We have now secured a good hideout in here and have made sure that they will survive without our help, we made a deal with this guy who owned REPLICA and seems like he wont betray us, we made a good plan in case OTA find out about us and made sure we had hiding spots, defenses etc... This errr leads on to me wanting to come with you buddy. It seems mine and meatloaf's job here is done and would happily come back to you.

Reply when you can.

Private out.

*Radio Flickers off*


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Simon 'Private' Davis' Application Empty Re: Simon 'Private' Davis' Application

Post by Tony on Sun May 05, 2013 9:40 pm


Welcome aboard.

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