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557's Transfer Empty 557's Transfer

Post by TearofGrace on Sun May 05, 2013 9:38 pm

Steam Name: TearofGrace
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:40427444

The server you wish to transfer your character from:
Link to the community: ApexGamingRP.com

How would you like to transfer your character? WITH or WITHOUT his/her inventory?: Without. I can resupply whatever 497/557 had.

Picture of your character [If available]: Null.
Picture of your character's inventory [IF available]: Null.
The rank of your character: M.02.

Proof that it's your character and your inventory was earned with hard work:/Marlon/Sodah/Cat, ETC can vouch for me.

Do you understand, that we ever find out you faked and/or asspulled your character and/or his/her items, your character will be PKed, your will be black-listed from all factions for two months and will be heavily watched by the staff: Yes.

Why is it important to you to have THIS exact character instead of creating a new one: 497/557 has had immense character development into both of them, and have relations with other characters that I simply cannot recreate. Everything I did on them was IC, never OOC, and I feel like I have a connection with them now.

Give us a detailed description about what your unit was/is like: 5'6 l Female l Clean, polished facemask. l Older, dirty uniform. l Strapped stunstick l Holstered 9mm l Slinged MP7 l That is all I can remember from the physdesc, I may be leaving something out.

Give us your unit's background story, so we know how did he ended up in all this mess: 557 was known as Karry before the Black Mesa incident, before the cascade event, before the seven hour war. Karry lived mostly happily, her father was an experienced doctor and her mother was a communications director in the military, who was rarely ever home. When the Combine took over, her mother was executed and her father killed himself. Karry was left alone, being only 21 she was cold, scared, and soon starving. She wanted a new life, she wanted to start over, she saw the CPA parading through town, stunsticks in hand. She saw a new life, and when she saw the applications, she hesitated not once to apply, and not once more to put the facemask on, accepting her new life as the Combine's non-lethal pesticide.

The story stated prior is mainly going to be developed and edited ICly, this story is NOT, I repeat NOT, all of it. The story above is false in some parts, to avoid my character being simplistic and bland to everyone, as they already know who this person is. I want people to find it out ICly, and I want to be able to have a lovely RP and make character connections while giving them the story.

Type of unit? Rogue or Loyal: Loyal.

Anyone to prove that you indeed had this character and these items?: View mentioned people above.

You accept that, regardless of importance He/she will be PKed if he/she ICly dies, just like everybody else [OTA not included]: Yes. I understand that if she ICly dies there will be no hesitation in her PK, and this is something I hope EVERYONE realises they should do.


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557's Transfer Empty Re: 557's Transfer

Post by gin on Sun May 05, 2013 11:15 pm

10/10 would UPA again


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557's Transfer Empty Re: 557's Transfer

Post by Tony on Mon May 06, 2013 12:27 am


You are excellent in medical RP, but your personality simply doesn't fit the CCA. You spent half your time on AG loveRPing instead of doing your actual duty, getting promotions almost daily which was already ridiculous. You may bring your CCA char as a citizen as it fits your personality far better than a unit.

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557's Transfer Empty Re: 557's Transfer

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