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Post by Waffle on Sun May 05, 2013 10:31 pm

Greetings, waffles here. Some of you may already known me from my in-game appearance prior to yesterday, or some of you may not.

Short Summary about myself:
I play a lot of HL2RP. I've been playing HL2RP since early 2011 and have gained a lot of experience since then. I used to play on HZ's HL2RP, but now I play on any HL2RP servers from Catalyst-Gaming to Purified Gaming; I play on a lot of different HL2RP servers.

I can guarantee that this server is unique; I've yet to play on a HL2RP server that has the background of an Uprising.
Anyways, hope to see most of you in-game sometime bounce

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