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Niker107's P and E flags Application Empty Niker107's P and E flags Application

Post by Niker107 on Mon May 06, 2013 6:44 am

Steam name: Niker107
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:7006446
Why do you want P and E flags? I want P and E flags, since using props would deepen the situation and roleplay for everyone around me. Most experienced RP'ers can roleplay without props and using /me, but since there are always new players coming, I decided that if I could help with building something or using props as barricades would help the new players get the atmosphere of the server.
What are you going to use the flags for? As I said above, I'd like to use the flags for spawning props or moving props (aka using them as barricades, possibly), maybe helping Admins at building or just adding some depth to the atmosphere for the new players and maybe even good RP'ers.
Do you agree in not abusing these flags for any advantage what so ever? Of course I do, since flags are only there for Roleplay, there should never be an unfair advantage.
Do you understand that you may be blacklisted from having any flags if you end up abusing your flags? Yes, I do, I understand that it's fair, and I promise that I will not abuse the flags. + I have my own starting community, and I'm trying to be a honest Admin myself, and I know how bad abusing is.

Thank you in advance for reading!


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