557's Transfer Denial [5 Reasons Why]

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557's Transfer Denial [5 Reasons Why] Empty 557's Transfer Denial [5 Reasons Why]

Post by TearofGrace on Mon May 06, 2013 1:29 pm

Hello, everyone. Assuming this isn't posted in the wrong area, I would like to bring up some facts about my transfer denial. I find it highly unfair, and if it is still denied I am fine with it, but I want my chance at redeeming the character, none the less. No I am not reapplying for it, I am bringing up some facts in order to attempt to receive your consent, and possibly regain some of my respect as a CPA unit.

1. As far as this LoveRP nonsense goes, Marlon had started it with staring, pain tolerance training, (which involved stripping, by the way) and had contacted her at various times when she was on duty, just to do it again. He never seemed to do it with other units, this one in specific.

2. 497 NEVER[/i] contacted 250 ONCE, not a single time was she to go to him. She was always on duty, rather that be on the NexHAP, patrolling, or at her post on top of the balcony on the rooftops in C8 due to increased rebel activity. This was ordered by the prior SeC due to all of the reports, by the way, I didn't metagame it.

3. Now I don't wish to put all the blame on Marlon, but when I got impartial brainwashing we had agreed to end it, but he literally BROKE the brainwashing in a week and a half or two weeks. After which I was IMMEDIATELY half brainwashed, ending the RP ENTIRELY, we were NEVER seen together doing more than MedRP, never even patrolling.

4. The sudden promotions were because Marlon believed me to be one of the top three (didn't specify) best [u][i]ACTIVE
[/u MedRPers at the time. I literally aced any MedRP questions, tests, anything he threw at me and out-shined an 01 and OfU. He had reason to promote me, and he tried to hold back. But in his defense I was requesting training a lot, due to a lack of citizen playerbase at the time, not for promotions, but simply for the RP.

5. 497 died. Otto shot her, we had ended the LoveRP a LONG TIME AGO, and intended to end it as soon as possible. Neither of us liked the fact that this was happening on CPA characters. 557 is a half brainwashed that resembles NOTHING of 497 at all besides MedRP knowledge. I'm not asking for the transfer of the person that was involved in all of this nonsense, in fact it was probably better that she died by Otto to put a PERMANENT end to all of this. I can assure you my personality is NOT LoveRP, and I do NOT do it unless it is for character development, and on the CCA I never will do it. 497 was an unfortunate, hastily done series of events that destroyed a character which I saw great promise in, if she ever got her story out, and the plan she had.

Thank you for reading this, and I hope I get a more solid explanation to why my 02 cannot be transferred to Lambda Operations. Note that my personality is NOT tailored to LoveRP, and if transferred you can expect to never see it again. I care more about character development, and have a love for MedRP. I do not care about going around and magically adjusting the time of the cycles just to F2B, nor do I care about continuously getting into very large, character destroying firefights. Should it be done well, thought out, and it isn't just to say, "WOAHHHH EXPLOSIONS, BULLETS, GRENADEZ, MLG 360 NOSCOPEZ!" when someone gets bored, I am all for firefights. But it is to do my 02's duty, not to have a firefight because I got bored, and risk someone else's hard work on a character.

I wouldn't wish to miss out on this grand Uprising event we're having, since it is very unique and sounds simply amazing. No other HL2RP server I can think of has ever had this event, and I would hate to miss out on it very much. I do not expect magical fairies to come down and decide that my 02 should be transferred, but I do want at the very least a more solid explanation to it than a simple one paragraph answer. I would like to have my 557 transferred, but I would have to reapply, and have it be in the proper thread. This is just a five reasons why, in order to prove that I am not a poor CPA RPer, and would like an explanation to why you think I am.

Please, give me a chance to prove that I am not the average CPA that just goes around and gets in firefights, then gets PKed. Or the CPA that goes around flirting with every other unit above 03. That is all I have to say, and please take this these reasons into account, for I (at the very least believe) worked hard for my 02, and had to outshine an 01, and OfU, and the HsC at one point to make it there. I had to be incredibly active, and training was something that would happen daily, not the pain tolerance training nonsense, I am talking about medical tests ranging from Orthopedics to organ transplants, to burn marks, to everything in the first page, and half of the 2nd page. I have mastered both of the pages, and I would hate for all my effort to go to waste.

Note that I am not blaming Marlon for this all, either, I could have stopped it at any time ICly, but we both agreed we didn't want to cause the poor relations between the characters, so we decided to give it a more appropriate ending. This was a poor decision, looking back at it, as it delayed the time which it took to end the relationship entirely. It led to things that did not need to happen, and soiled both my reputation and Marlon's reputation as a CPA unit. Both of us can honestly say that we regret starting it in the first place, and do NOT intend to ever do it again.



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