C16 and CloudAuthX is down...again..

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C16 and CloudAuthX is down...again.. Empty C16 and CloudAuthX is down...again..

So yeah. Cloudsixteen went offline yesterday, and haven't been up since. This seems to have resulted in CloudAuthX going down again, so we're gonna have to wait for another fix. In the meantime, post on the forums, socialize.
I for one will be on the forums and code in a few things. Since two things in the yesterday's dev log was listed but actually was made at 3AM I will put them here as well.

  • Added a new secondary weapon, Steyr TMP.
  • Actually fixed P, E flags. So now non-administrators with the flags can spawn and move around their props.
  • Added russian vodka
  • Added painkillers, these will add to your endurance attribute giving you higher health temporarily.
  • Added chloroform, using it (inhaling) renders you unconscious for 2 minutes

    Tony's contributions:
  • Added banana item
  • Added brandy item
  • Added canned beans
  • Added energy drink, will lower your dexterity and raise your agility.
  • Added headcrab food item
  • Added human meat item
  • Added orange item
  • Added purified water item

    Stiches contributions:
  • Several junk items for passiveRPing

    Tony has added much more than me today. But we'll see about who wins at the end of the day.

I have also added a new rank and subforum on our forums. Contributors are the people who have contributed to the server in terms of coding and the like. They are awarded with a different color, and have access to a subforum where they can discuss server code and other things.
Contributors have access to the pet flags.
A user would be demoted from his or her status if he or she would stop contributing over a long period of time.

~kuro @ under script kiddies bed: No DDoS, we're moving to a new dedi Smile
~kuro @ under script kiddies bed: Will be back on Tuesday.
~kuro @ under script kiddies bed: In the mean time we're trying to arrange a temporary setup for the auth system to make sure customer servers stay online.
~kuro @ under script kiddies bed has changed their name to ~kuro @ C16.com back in 24 hours.

There's the answers for the downtime.

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C16 and CloudAuthX is down...again.. 2J6yl
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C16 and CloudAuthX is down...again.. :: Comments


Post on Mon May 06, 2013 9:31 am by Zomblez

Oh shit, awesome. P and E are fixed? Also, we need R (Ragdoll) flags fixed for dem VIP's (Me) :3

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