CCA-R Application format [DO NOT APPLY YET!]

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CCA-R Application format [DO NOT APPLY YET!] Empty CCA-R Application format [DO NOT APPLY YET!]

Post by Tony on Fri May 03, 2013 11:02 pm

Every answer must be AT LEAST 2 paragraph long, writing more will IMPROVE your chances of getting accepted.


[b]How did your unit survived the breaching of the nexus?:[/b]

[b]At what rank do you wish to start as? (RCT-02 maximum):[/b]

[b]You understand that due to the full-scale war, you start completely isolated from the union forces, somewhere in the dangerous city?:[/b]

[b]Do you accept that if you die from a proper IC reason, you will be permanently-killed? This is due to the fact that most CCA officers are deceased by now, therefore they became rather rare:[/b]

[b]You understand that if you go rogue, you might end up being shot at from both sides due to the fact that not every anti-citizen knows about your betrayal towards the union?:[/b]

[b]Do you have any kind of previous CCA experience? Please write a detailed summary about it:
[b]Despite all odds against you, why are you so willing to become a CCA Remnant?:[/b]

[b]What type of unit will you create? Loyal or Rogue:[/b]

[b]What kind of skills will your unit have? (This may depend on the division he/she was [AG division system]):[/b]

[b]If you ever end up killed, and you will be PKed for it, you promise not to rage about your death but accept it?:[/b]


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