STORM.625's application

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STORM.625's application Empty STORM.625's application

Post by gin on Sat May 04, 2013 12:21 pm

Steam Name:[-AG-] Marlon - Tunnel Snake
SteamID: Later.

The server you wish to transfer your character from: ApexgamingRP
Link to the community:

How would you like to transfer your character? WITH or WITHOUT his/her inventory?: With. OTA aren't known for being sloppy and losing their weapons and supplies.

Picture of your character [If available]: N/A
Picture of your character's inventory [IF available]: N/A. I don't usually take pictures of my inventory but I'm sure my STORM buddies can vouch for me.
What kind of rank did your OTA had? EOW | OWS | or SqL: OWS
Your former Division/squad? (STORM, etc): STORM
What was your unit's responsibility? Shotgunner, SqL, Pointman or Breacher: Pointman.
Your character's ID: 625

Were you taught how to breach? And do you know the breaching positions: Yes. Breacher takes position next to the door, facing away from the lock. Pointman stands opposite him, next to the lock. Behind the pointman is the second pointman, behind him, the leader and finally the support. "Stack" means take positions. "Lock" means that the breacher should aim at the door lock. "Inject" indicates the breacher should shoot and the breach begins.

Proof that it's your character and your inventory was earned with hard work: I'm sure some people can vouch for me. Weren't -that- many people in STORM

Do you understand, that we ever find out you faked and/or asspulled your character and/or his/her items, your character will be PKed, your will be black-listed from all factions for two months and will be heavily watched by the staff: Yep.

Why is it important to you to have THIS exact character instead of creating a new one: I spend alot of time on my OTA character and loved the quick breaching procedures Storm performed. I worked hard to get 625 and I'd rather not have all that progress be in vain.

Anyone to prove that you indeed had this character and these items?: Sodah saw me deployed multiple times, Tony was the STORM EOW and Zombies was also in STORM I believe.


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STORM.625's application Empty Re: STORM.625's application

Post by Tony on Sun May 05, 2013 9:44 pm


Ask an SA in-game to whitelist you and set you up. Your SqL is: STORM.945
OOC name: Tony (me)

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