The Lambda Movement character transfer request(s) [AG Only for now][OPEN!]

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The Lambda Movement character transfer request(s) [AG Only for now][OPEN!]

Post by Tony on Fri May 03, 2013 11:18 pm

Every answer must be at least 2 paragraphs long, this is to show your dedication and to prove that you really care about your character, instead of being a lolrebel.

[b]Steam Name:[/b]
[b]Steam ID:[/b]

[b]Your character's Name:[/b]
[b]Your character's Gender:[/b]

[b]How long have you been part of the official Lambda Movement?:[/b]

[b]Were you a semi-member or an officially recruited Lambda personnel?:[/b]

[b]Do you realize the fact that I am the Lambda Movement's general, therefore I easily notice if you lie?:[/b]

[b]Do you wish to transfer your character WITH or WITHOUT his/her inventory?:[/b]

[b]Do you understand that you are not a terminator? Regardless of who you are, you must RP hunger, thirst, fear, cold, tiredom and so on, just like everybody else?:
[b]Do you understand that if your character is killed in any form of IC action, then he/she will be permanently-killed (Charbanned) regardless of how important he/she was?:[/b]

[b]You promise that you won't rage if you are ICly killed? If you do so, then we reserve all rights to punish you in-case you fail to accept your IC death:[/b]

[b]What is your rebel specialized in? Medical, Engineering or Infantry?:[/b]

[b]Was he/she part of the MAIN Lambda, or outpost One?:[/b]

[b]You accept the fact that 'Serpent' is your General and you are to follow all his orders unless you want to get in to trouble:[/b]

[b]Anyone to prove that you had this character and these items?:[/b]

[b]Proof of your inventory:[/b]

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