Wafflepiezz's P and E flags application

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Wafflepiezz's P and E flags application Empty Wafflepiezz's P and E flags application

Post by Waffle on Sun May 05, 2013 4:35 am

Steam name: [7Grid] Mr. Wafflepiezz

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:23631171

Why do you want P and E flags? I want PE flags to be able to lay down props as barricades, or help any other people make barricades and other building-related things. It would be pretty hard to attempt to visualize an invisible barricade in front of you, so I'd like PE to be able to actually make barricades and other useful related things like beds or even furniture. These flags will be very useful in aiding me to create a more realistic RP environment.

What are you going to use the flags for? I will use these flags to create actual 3Dimensional settings or furnish a room to fit my IC roleplays ahead of time. From building things to ICly using things; these are what props are for and I will use them as their direct role in GMOD.

Do you agree in not abusing these flags for any advantage what so ever? Understood, I will not abuse these flags for any type of advantage and have not in the past on other servers.

Do you understand that you may be blacklisted from having any flags if you end up abusing your flags? Yes, I will not abuse these flags.

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