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157's transfer. Empty 157's transfer.

Post by Stiches on Sat May 04, 2013 4:52 pm

Name: Stiches
SteamID: Find it on Dave Harley's transfer app.
Age: 14

How did your unit survived the breaching of the nexus?: At the time of the breach he slowly made his way up and held the sectorial command's office. As the opposition grew he went outside and made a descent before running away. Later making his way to a combine checkpoint which had been set up for survivors of the attack. From here on he went with the first available convoy to the warzone sector.

At what rank do you wish to start as? (RCT-02 maximum): 02, 157 was OfU on AG.

You understand that due to the full-scale war, you start completely isolated from the union forces, somewhere in the dangerous city?: Yes, finding safety is a priority.

Do you accept that if you die from a proper IC reason, you will be permanently-killed? This is due to the fact that most CCA officers are deceased by now, therefore they became rather rare: Although I'd probably cry losing 157 I do acknowledge this.

You understand that if you go rogue, you might end up being shot at from both sides due to the fact that not every anti-citizen knows about your betrayal towards the union?: Yes.

Do you have any kind of previous CCA experience? Please write a detailed summary about it:

Two years of CCA in AG.
Been high-ranked several times.
Experience with leadership.
Tons of RP done both internally in the CCA and externally (With resistance, ACs, etc.)
Lots of firefight RP.
Some engineering RP.

Despite all odds against you, why are you so willing to become a CCA Remnant?:

157 has been in the CCA for years, he cannot even remember how long. All those years he's worked hard, accomplished so much. He refuses to give it all up now. He cannot leave all his work and skills behind. He acknowledges he might very well be an amazing help to his coworkers due to his accrued skills.

His loyalty towards the Union is being tugged at, but he is still confident in their goals and that they are able to succeed. He has decided that if anything, this would be his last piece of work, or his death.

What type of unit will you create? Loyal or Rogue: Loyal, although it may swing towards rogue due to minor hate towards the Union and his long years in the CCA.

What kind of skills will your unit have? (This may depend on the division he/she was [AG division system]):

157 has been in most available divisions in the local systems he's been in, but he specializes in basic ground force operations, but is also extremely proficient with firearms, tactics and anything relating to it. Second closest would be engineering, in which he was worked for a fair amount of time.

He has also worked a fair amount of time in engineering divisions and knows how to take care of weaponry and computer technology. This makes him able to conserve supplies by keeping the condition of weapons in check and the same with the computers.

If you ever end up killed, and you will be PKed for it, you promise not to rage about your death but accept it?: Yes.

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157's transfer. Empty Re: 157's transfer.

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157's transfer. 2J6yl
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