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Transfer of Dave Harley Empty Transfer of Dave Harley

Post by Stiches on Sat May 04, 2013 8:26 am

Steam Name: Stiches
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:25074999

Your character's name: Dave Harley
Your character's gender: Male
What is your character? A refugee trying to survive, an anti-citizen fighting, a loyalist or anything else?: A professional black market dealer aiming to provide supplies for the lambda movement.

Do you understand that nobody knows how to use a weapon by default, so if your character is just an ordinary man/woman, then he/she may NOT use fire-arms unless taught: Yes, my character has however had some experience with them and knows how to handle one.

Do you understand that you are not a superman? You are an ordinary man/woman, trying to survive in this giant warzone. You are to RP Fear, Pain, Hunger, thirst, cold, tiredom and so forth, just like everybody else: Yep.

Why do you wish to have THIS exact character instead of creating a new one?: During AG's last days it had become one of my more developed characters, having made some friends and enemies, I obviously don't want to throw it away.
Do you wish to transfer this character WITH or WITHOUT his/her inventory?: With.
Picture of your character [If available]: N/A, will get one if AG gets updated.
Picture of your inventory [If available]: N/A, will get one if AG gets updated. I had a shotgun and a .357 along with an MP7 in storage, all with ammunition.

Your character's background story:

Prior to the Black Mesa Incident he had (partly) followed in his father's footsteps. Dave Harley worked as an illegal gunsmith in the United States. Over time the popularity of his work rose and he was getting requests to either fix a gun, make it better or just make one from all over the country. At the brink of his ware going worldwide, just having made contacts as such he was found out. Detained by police and judged guilty of his work in court, he served in jail.

After being released Dave refused to give up his profession, although with a few problems, several contacts had left him. Customers had done so as well. His economical situation being on the way down he soon realized he had to take action in order to make it. He took the risk and advertised his work and gained some customers again, not that this would matter.

The Combine invasion and the Seven Hour War, Dave immedeately shut down shop and took refuge in the nature, what now would be refered to as the outlands. Bringing only supplies he deemed necessary, he had brought food and drinks, a gun, some ammunition and what he thought would be the most important, a radio.

Having settled in the outlands he established radio contact with several of his worldwide suppliers who had survived the invasion themselves. They worked for a couple of years to establish a new, safe route for the supplies to be shipped via. Then he began with his work again, of course not having much more than two-three customers. He decided he needed a group of people to supply rather than individuals. He aimed for the biggest, the best, the Lambda.

Then the antlion season, a dangerous time and you'd usually flee the outlands. And Dave did, he left for City 8. There he established a base on a rooftop, where he finally made contact with the Lambda. The "partnership" was - however - short lived, increased Combine activity forced him into a train of thought eventually leaving him with the decision he had to move out of the city. He wanted a fresh start, fresh air and a fresh landscape. He wanted the coast.

Anyone to prove that you indeed had these characters and these items?: Pretty much anyone in AG should be able to confirm I had the character. Meatloaf and Cat litterer himself should be able to confirm I had the items.

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Transfer of Dave Harley Empty Re: Transfer of Dave Harley

Post by Cat Litterer on Sat May 04, 2013 9:08 pm

However, your contacts are temporarily cut due to the warfare going on in the city. You would have to try to re-establish contact with them once on the coast.

Transfer of Dave Harley 2J6yl
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